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At Luscious Locks we only use first quality products to be able to offer the best result possible. We have adopted the keratin bond nail strands which help to avoid damaging your natural hair usually caused by the more conventional methods such as hot glues and weaving.

These special bonds contain keratin which is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin, hair and nails.

The hair extensions applied using the keratin bonds provide that extra nutrient needed by your hair to aid healthy growth.

Luscious Locks offers an extended range of 100% human hair to suit any colour and any style required and we can provide a complete range of aftercare products.

If you have any particular requirement or product specification that we do not offer please let us now and we will try to provide everything you need at the best possible price. Our hair extensions suppliers have an extended range of products and we are able to offer an alternative to our existing ones.

Considering any individual circumstance we have a range of packages to suit any type of hair or style.