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Before using our service most of our clients usually have many questions for me. To help you decide if hair extensions are for you, why not have a read of the most common questions asked.

Q: Can anyone have hair extensions?

A: Yes as long as your hair is not very short or you have a medical condition this method can be used by anyone.

Q: How long will they last in my hair?

A: Hair extensions should last for around 3mths or more if they are well looked after.

Q: Can I dye the extensions if I want to change my hair colour?

A: Yes, we only use 100% human hair and this can be treated like your own.

Q: Can I have hi-lights/low lights if I wish?

A: Any colour can be added or blended to suit your needs.

Q: How long will my hair be?

A:The standard length used is 18-20" as this usually suits most clients. Longer lengths are also available on request. 

Q: Can my hair extensions be curled or straightened with heat appliances?

A: Yes, we always advise clients to use a heat protective spray as this will help prevent damage to the extension's and to your own hair but you should avoid using any heat appliance on the bond as this could melt it.

Q: Will these extensions damage my hair?

A: No, we only use individual bonds which are of an even size and weight, this ensures the hair

is evenly distributed and will give a more natural finish without any pulling on your own hair.

Q:How long does it take to apply the extensions?

A: Usually a full head of extensions can take around 2 hours and a half head of hair around 1-1.5 hours.

Q: How many extensions will I need?

A: This can vary from client to client, for a full head this can vary between 100-200 extensions and a half head would require around 50-75 strands. Every one is so different so with the free consultation we can discuss the quantity's to suit your needs and budget.

Q: Do my extensions require special treatments?

A: No, we just encourage clients to use a good hair conditioner and serum, there are also many products available to help keep your new hair shiny and healthy.

Q: Can I go swimming with the extensions in?

A: Yes, we always advise clients to put conditioner on the hair before entering a swimming pool or swimming in the sea as this prevents the hair from drying out and tangling.

Q: What should I avoid?

A: Never rub the towel into your scalp when drying your hair, only dab with the towel as this will prevent knots. Brush your hair frequently to avoid the knotting and tangling of the bonds. Tie your hair up when sleeping as this will also keep your hair knot free. Use hair dryers and heated appliances as little as possible as this will prevent the hair from drying out.

Q: Can people tell I have extensions?

A: No, we apply the strands so they sit just under your own hair, so they are not visible, the bonds are also transparent.

Q: When can I have my extensions done?

A: Anytime to suit your life style, we operate in and around the Southampton area 7 days a week.